Sunday 29 August 2021

Fishin Impossible: Slots art

 The fish , reels, and other art assets from the fishin impossible slot game .

There are Dino fish , Pirate fish, Robot fish and Mutant fish and the whole thing is also given a secret agency vibe.

The lab and the fish tank at the rear, something quite big in there already.

reels set up 

shoal of Dino fish Stegasaurus fish and a TRex fish in the back 

Pirate fish group

mutant toxic fish group

dino fish line up

pirate fish line up

robofish line up

Mutant toxic fish line up

Smee fish looking tasty to the Trex fish 

Saturday 28 August 2021

Dork the Dragon Slayer art

 Artwork for an online slot game 

All the characters are separated into heads, expressions , limbs etc. So that they can be animated in Spine 


 When you put on the VR headset you would be standing on a platform, looking down on a stylised miniature landscape showing the before and after of using green energy.

Disney's G Force.... A mission impossible film with Guinea Pigs

These are just a few of the weaponised appliances in the game .

Disney Universe level concepts part03

Alice, Monsters Inc, Lion King and the Mickey Costume